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Our Teacher Tools & Resources include classroom lessons, history manipulatives, and professional development based on our signature pedagogy, HOME History—Hands-On, Minds-Engaged 


History Connected Classroom Activities and Lessons are designed to deepen students understanding of history and sharpen critical thinking skills.  

  • Current Connections - Introduce a new unit with a current issue and build a reverse chronology unit to understand historical context.

  • Fire-ups—Hotter than Warm-ups! - Start your class with controversial issues, questions, or claims.

  • Historiography for the Secondary Classroom - Consider perspectives of history through critical analysis of historical interpretations.

  • Primary Source 180 - Analyze a primary source of the day with four steps: Source it, Read it, Check it, and Tweet it. 

  • History through Literature - Explore how works of literature can shed light on events and the experiences of people in the past.

World History Class


Manipulatives aren't just for math class! History manipulatives are interactive tools that help students learn and understand historical concepts in a hands-on and engaging way.

  • Concept Connection Hexagons - Use visual tiles for exploring historical concepts, and help students make connections between different events and ideas.

  • Source Cards - Sort, organize, and analyze primary source visuals—artifacts, paintings, photographs, posters and more. 

  • Maps - Annotate, connect, and compare places and global issues with desk and wall maps. 

  • Timelines - Build skills in chronological thinking and causation with annotated physical timelines. 

Students actively explore and process their understanding of historical events, people, and ideas. 

Old Globe


History Connected PD provides an immersive and collaborative experience for our signature pedagogy. We host a variety of learning opportunities. 

  • Webinars - One-hour demos and presentations on best practices in history education.

  • Workshops - Dig deeper into key ideas through activities, reflection, and discussion. 

  • Online Courses - Build and sustain capacity through module-based learning. 

Teacher Tools and Resources: Work
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